About soap by charlie


Soap by charlie was founded on the fundamental belief that simplicity and care in technique is king. Our soap is produced from the most basic and raw materials that are catered to nourish and reinvigorate your skin and body. My own realization that I can no longer treat my body like a tin can led to my abandonment of chemically based soaps. I decided that my skin care would start in the shower and, in that, I started producing my own soap.


I created a bar that nurtured my skin like never before. I aspired to create a soap that would relinquished my need for moisturizer and simplify skin care. I succeeded. In my passion, I explored varieties of ingredients to create soaps that suited various skin types. As my creativity bubbled I received solid feedback from my family and friends. I honed my focus on the bars you see today. These bars were distributed among family and friends who encouraged me to pursue my creativity and talent in skin care.


From the start, creating soap was a personal and intimate pursuit. I looked to expand my creativity and challenge my ingenuity. Yet, I believe my product will benefit you. My love for the process has allowed me to distribute it under a title, soap by charlie.